Chuck Naifeh


Our head barber, Chuck Naifeh, has been a barber with Carwin’s since the barbershop opened in the spring of 2012. He is a 19th Century Tonsorial Artist focusing on haircuts and straight razor shaves.

After attending Edmond North High School he jumped on a greyhound bus headed for Denver looking for adventure. Hoping to combine his passion for art and history, he attended the Emily Griffith Barber Program and started his career as a Tonsorial Artist. Almost all barbers since the invention of the electric clipper have focused their craft on the use of this one tool. The classic styles that he’s perfected are created with the same tools and techniques used more than two hundred years ago.

After graduating from barber school, he opened a 19th century barbershop operated in a house built in 1897. He began to focus on beard and mustache styles shaped with the shears and razor. Straight razor shaving has been a staple of his career since the beginning. In 2012, Chuck moved back to Oklahoma to further his barber career closer to home.

He is now a licensed barber in Colorado and Oklahoma. He also holds a barber instructors license in Oklahoma. In the spring of 2012, Chuck visited Carwin’s Shave Shop for the first time. The store had been in the city for several years, operating out of North Park Mall before moving to Classen Curve lifestyle center in 2011. The store was full of straight razors, wet shaving accessories and leather goods. This shave shop was only missing one piece, the ability to offer quality barber services. After expanding by adding the barbershop, our clientele and the interest in wet shaving has continued to grow.